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Every time a large truck is involved in an accident with a car or van, people assume it was the truck’s fault. Sometimes, that’s the case. Sometimes, a major accident could have been avoided if the driver of the car had common driving sense.

Are you guilty of driving over the speed limit and then when next to a large truck in a passing lane, of slowing down? The problem creates a potential hazard for trucks that cannot move over in case they need to avoid an accident or incident.

Are you guilty of speeding up to pass a truck and then darting in front and then slowing down? Trucks, buses, and RVs take longer to stop than cars, vans, and 4-wheel passenger vehicles.

Cutting in front of a truck is dangerous. You could initiate a domino effect of emergency braking for the truck, other trucks and vehicles. Bad weather like rain or snow or fog also makes reckless driving more dangerous.

Driver safety tip: When passing a truck, look in your rear-view mirror before pulling in front to avoid dangerous cause and effect braking.

Large trucks have blind spots or what truckers call–No-Zones.

Driver safety tip: If you can’t see the truck driver in the truck’s mirror, the truck driver can’t see you. Position your vehicle in a better place.

Truck drivers sometimes need to swing wide to the left in order to negotiate a right turn especially on city streets. Truck drivers can’t see cars directly behind or beside them.

Driver safety tip: Give a truck driver plenty of room to maneuver a turn. Don’t try to squeeze by between the truck and the curb.

Road rage, aggressive driving, false bravado, or plain stupidity can be the cause of many accidents. Inexperienced teenage boys (and sometimes girls) and adults under the influence of drinking or drugs may falsely assume they can beat the big bad truck at its game. Don’t play that game; you’ll be the biggest loser!

Driver safety tip: Aggressive driving puts everyone on the road at risk. No speeding, running stop signs and red lights, frequent lane changes, racing other vehicles, offensive hand signals.

Lastly, don’t forget to buckle your seat belt and use a car seat or booster seat for your infants and children.

Saving lives on the road is not rocket science. It’s a matter of common sense, thoughtful courtesy, and sharing the road.


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    @ Truckie D: Thanks for the comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the blog. There are many ways that accidents can be avoided! Please feel free to pass this information along to others.

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