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Toyota’s latest commercial boasts customers are provided with “Peace of Mind” when purchasing a new Toyota as part of the new Toyota Care plan providing complimentary normal factory-scheduled maintenance and 24-hour roadside assistance for two years or 25,000 miles for every new Toyota sold.

With a new recall two weeks after the announcement of the customer service plan, one must wonder if Toyota is really offering Peace of Mind, or just manipulating their responsibility owed to the consumers to fix their faulty vehicles.

A law suit filed last month alleges that Toyota knew of speed control problems, but intentionally failed to install a brake override system.

In addition, Toyota is being charged with a post-production cover-up brought on by allegations of secretly repurchasing defective vehicles from consumers with an agreement preventing them from disclosing the problem to anyone, and forfeiting their rights to sue Toyota.

Toyota defends that the vehicles were repurchased in order to conduct “further engineering analysis” on the subject vehicles, and that customers reselling their cars were simply asked to sign a non-confidential agreement releasing Toyota from liability.

While Toyota denies knowledge of the defect, consumers are skeptical following the recent announcement of another recall involving 740,000 vehicles. Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Larry Coben, of Anapol Schwartz advises that car owners should be receiving recall notices within the next two weeks

At least Drivers can put their minds at ease upon receiving the letter knowing that Toyota will not charge for fixing their own mistakes.


  1. Gravatar for Bratt D

    Yeah, they forgot to mention the Lexus was being purchased by NHTSA. So that's 3 total. Ford buy back the Windstar as well. Automakers are scumbags. Lets all take the trains and buses.

  2. Gravatar for Michael Monheit
    Michael Monheit

    That's 3 total that we know about... are there others we do not yet know about?

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