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As a new mom, I am probably over cautious when it comes to my son. So as soon as he started becoming unusually cranky, drooling, and gnawing on everything in sight I was convinced that something was wrong. The moment his pediatrician looked at him he said, “He’s teething.” Of course, teething, why didn’t I think of that? Let’s call it a rookie mistake.

At this point I started soliciting advice from every mom I knew for their secrets to comforting a teething baby. I received several suggestions including an all natural remedy called Hyland Teething Tablets. I thought the all natural route was a no-brainer. It meant that I could ease my child’s discomfort without any of the worries of giving my four-month-old medication like Acetaminophen. There was only one problem; the popular over-the-counter teething remedy had been recalled for a potential toxicity risk.

Apparently, the FDA had issued a warning to consumers on October 23, 2010 regarding the use of Hyland Teething Tablets. These teething tablets are touted to calm your teething infant and help them get through the teething process more comfortably. However, these tablets may contain an inconsistent amount of Belladonna. Belladonna is derived from a plant and has been used for years to treat various ailments. However, in large amounts Belladonna can be toxic. The symptoms of toxicity associated with Belladonna can include seizures, agitation, sluggishness, muscle weakness, breathing difficulty, extreme sleepiness, skin flushing, constipation or difficulty urinating.

Although I never want to see my child in any type of pain, I would much rather have him experience some discomfort while teething than take a chance that he may suffer any of the above symptoms. There is nothing more important to a parent than protecting their little one. Therefore, please follow the FDA’s recommendation and do not use this product. If you have any Hyland Teething Tablets in your home, beware and dispose of them.

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