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A Medical misdiagnosis can change a person’s life.  A wrong, missed or delayed diagnosis can result in death or injury from a condition that might have otherwise been treatable.

The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry published a paper in September 2014 to remind doctors of the dangers of a delayed diagnosis and the importance of early treatment of a spinal epidural abscess.

A spinal epidural abscess is a mass of infected material fixed between the bones of the spine and the membranes covering the spinal cord.  Most common causes of spinal epidural abscess include bacteria, staph infection, and fungus.

“Spinal epidural abscess: the importance of early diagnosis and treatment”, suggests that patients who are timely diagnosed and treated have an excellent prognosis, but a delayed diagnosis of a spinal epidural abscess can result in severe, long-term spinal cord injuries.

Spinal cord injuries caused by a delayed diagnosis of spinal epidural abscess can lead to central nervous system damage or death.

A patient’s trust is betrayed when his or healthcare provider fails to diagnosis or timely diagnose a spinal epidural abscess.  Once weakness, paralysis or sensation changes occur, the chances of recovering lost function from spinal cord injuries are reduced, according to MedlinePlus.

Patients who suffered severe spinal cord injuries as a result of healthcare provider’s negligence may be eligible for compensation of their medical expenses as well as other compensable losses.  Talk to a spinal cord injury lawyer to find out if you are eligible for compensation.

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    A medical legal misdiagnosis by a bozo plaintiff attorney can change a doctor's life. First, there is the lawsuit which gets published in the local newspaper, damaging his reputation. Perhaps his colleagues stop referring to him, cutting his income. Ofcourse, the medical malpractice company will raise his rates. He wii have to go thru years of worry in our painfully slow legal system. Banks sometimes refuse to lend because of pending litigation. Finally, the court date arrives! In Ohio, in 2012, 92.3% of cases were won by the defendant doctor. So what is our innocent doctor supposed to do after he wins? What does he get?

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