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Can you imagine contracting a venereal disease at a doctor’s office? Can you imagine going to a doctor’s office for a surgical procedure and being overcome by the stench of cat urine? Can you imagine lying on bloody sheets that was not your blood?

What if you had to sign a bunch of paperwork that you didn’t understand and none of the employees would explain it to you?

These shocking violations actually happened to real people — mothers, sisters, wives, and friends – at the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia. The victims were mostly poor and desperate but that bears no correlation to how atrociously they were treated at the hands of a greedy, depraved “doctor” who was not a board certified gynecologist or obstetrician.

The state of Pennsylvania has filed seven criminal charges for murder against Dr. Gosnell.

Why murder? He delivered late term babies who were alive at birth, then killed them by snipping their spinal cords. He heavily sedated the mothers in order to induce labor and then killed the babies, storing the fetuses around his office like bottled and boxed trophies.

The doctor also had a staff of people helping him. None were licensed or trained medical personnel although they administered the sedation drugs without care or caution and knew nothing about how to cope with medical emergencies.

Rich or poor, black or white, English-speaking or foreign tongued, nobody should ever suffer this type of wanton cruelty and disregard for human life at the hands of another. Through the years there have been signs, complaints, and inklings from patients, their families, employees, and other doctors who fixed the post-surgical aftermath mess.

Yet, nobody and no agency followed up, asked questions, or investigated. It’s like a free-for-all at the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia but actually it’s not free. These poor and desperate women pay cash up front for life-threatening, deplorable services.

One woman and mother of four, Karnamaya Mondar paid dearly with her life. Prior to moving to the United States, Mrs. Mondar spent 18 years in a Nepalese refugee camp. She survived third world living conditions only to die in urban Pennsylvania. The doctor’s staff administered too many drugs. When the doctor could not revive Mrs. Mondar with CPR, he reluctantly called the paramedics. Although he had life saving equipment in his office, it was broken.

The Mondar family retained the services of Philadelphia lawyer Bernard W. Smalley for a wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit. The family has lost a beloved wife, mother, and grandmother. The investigation for facts continues on behalf of the Mondars. “After finally coming to the United States, after living in political exile with her family for 18 years in Nepal, Mrs. Mongar and her family deserved the best our country had to offer, Dr. Gosnell instead is charged with her murder," said Smalley. "We must pursue all who are responsible for this tragedy." Attorney Smalley is a shareholder partner for Anapol Schwartz, a Pennsylvania personal injury law firm with offices also in New Jersey, West Virginia, and Arizona.

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    There is a reason minority black women are targeted this way- Watch Maafa21 and learn how this is the agenda of the eugenics movement from the beginning-

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