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Unethical Abortion Doctor Sued for PA Wrongful Death and Charged with Murders


This is the story of a 41-year-old wife and mother who spent her life in a third-world country only to come to America under a humanitarian resettlement program. Karnamaya Mongar, then died in Philadelphia as the result of worse than squalid third-world-like conditions at the hands of a greedy, depraved man calling himself a doctor and operating his clinic, the Woman’s Medical Society, like a house of horrors.

The Grand Jury’s factual report reads far worse than sordid fiction.

The doctor who was neither a board certified obstetrician nor gynecologist performed illegal late term abortions on women who did not understand the procedure or did not speak English. Payment was based on how far along the pregnancy was and how much pain killers were required.

Dr. Gosnell has a medical degree, but set up his clinic with unlicensed and untrained staff that routinely administered drugs but were not trained to handle drug interactions and life-threatening medical emergencies. Even if they knew how to handle such emergencies, the equipment was antiquated or broken.

The victim Mrs. Mongar received repeated unmonitored, unrecorded intravenous injections of Demerol, a sedative seldom used in recent years because of its dangers. Gosnell liked Demerol, because it was cheap. After several hours, Mrs. Mongar stopped breathing. When employees finally noticed, Gosnell was called in and briefly attempted to give CPR.

There was no life-saving defibrillator used because it was broken; nor did Gosnell administer any emergency medications that might have restarted her heart. After much crucial delay, the paramedics finally arrived, but Mrs. Mongar was probably brain dead before they were even called.

In the meantime, the clinic staff hooked up machinery and rearranged her body to make it look like they had been in the midst of a routine, safe abortion. Abortions at the Women’s Medical Society were anything but routine or safe. Procedures were executed by inducing labor to heavily sedated mothers, then killing the often alive and crying babies by snipping or severing their spinal cords. Fetuses lined the clinic in boxes and jars like eerie science project experiments.

Abortion is normally one of the simplest and safest medical procedures when done correctly by a trained staff and within legal limits of less than 24 weeks gestation. Even two of Gosnell’s staff chose to have their abortions elsewhere.

The paramedics were able to generate a weak pulse but because of cluttered hallways and a padlocked emergency door, it took more than 20 minutes to find a way to get Mrs. Mondar out of the building. Doctors at the hospital managed to keep her heart beating, but the abortion clinic’s staff failed to honestly inform how much anesthesia they had dosed.

The Pennsylvania District Attorney is filing criminal charges including seven first-degree murder charges against Gosnell for the deaths of infants.

Attorney Bernard W. Smalley of the Pennsylvania personal injury law firm Anapol Schwartz is filing a civil lawsuit on behalf of the Mongar family seeking punitive damages for the wrongful death of their matriarch.

“Our investigation is ongoing and we are seeking infromation from anyone who has knowledge of the circumstances surrounding The Women’s Medical Society and the abortion doctor Gosnell,” said Attorney Smalley. “This case is eerily similar to one I succesfully prosecuted more than 20 years ago. How this can still be happening today shocks the conscience. We will get to the bottom of this and hold accountable those who allowed this to happen.”

According to Mr. Smalley, more than 20 years ago he brought a case of medical negligence against Gosnell although the charges were less serious and the victim did not die although she suffered a serious, life-threatening infection. The insurance company paid the monetary damages. There was no loss of license; business as usual.

Bernard Smalley, Esquire has practiced law in Pennsylvania for more than 30 years, focusing his practice on helping the injured as well as family members of those who died because of medical negligence and other personal injury-related causes.


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  1. John Brown says:
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    Do we actually condone murdere in America?

  2. Jody says:
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    Doesn’t it say they’re pressing murder charges against the guy? Not just for the woman but for 7 known infant deaths, too. I don’t think that condones murder.

    I hope the court throws the book at this monster.

  3. momdoc says:
    up arrow

    The perpetrator is not a trained or board certified ob/gyn. He is an impostor. It is hard to believe he has malpractice insurance!

  4. up arrow

    As I understand it, Gosnell is being charged with mutliple murders. I pray that justice is done and that he is held responsible for all of the harm he has done. Eternal justice is called for. The harm he has done goes way beyond what we as a people in a society can hold him accountable for. Nevertheless, we must do our part making sure that his actions are exposed to the light and that he is brought to justice in both criminal and civil courts of law.

  5. Harebo says:
    up arrow

    Sad story all around. Sad for this woman to die so young. Sad that she couldn’t wait out the last few months of pregnancy and give up her child for adoption. I wonder how far along she was. Sad too that children born as young as 23 weeks can survive, yet we in some states we allow them to be aborted. One practice in Kansas will terminate a pregnancy as late at 28 weeks. My own healthy child was born at 27 weeks and he has no problems whatsoever. And as a doctor, I know my facts.

  6. Linda Alexander says:
    up arrow

    Fascinating that Gosnell is charged with the murders of 7 babies, isn’t that what abortion is? Sounds like someone is deciding when life begins… If that point is at 24 weeks gestation, why do some docs work so hard to save babies who are less than 24 weeks gestation?

  7. T. Haines says:
    up arrow

    Yes Mr. Brown, “…we actually condone murdere in America?”. If this Doctor had the training, was certified, etc. etc. He could still be murdering un-born children. And if the mother dies in the process it would be like 20 years ago; charged with medical negligence, the insurance company would pay the monetary damages, no loss of license, and business as usual.

  8. EJG says:
    up arrow

    Horrible story, horrible! I feel badly for that woman and the awful practices of this group but my heart goes out to the silent victims. The ones without a voice slautered daily!

  9. Mark says:
    up arrow

    Every murder doctor..errr abortion doctor in the United States should be charged with murder/manslaughter/wrongful death.

  10. A.J. Haberle says:
    up arrow

    The worst aspect of Dr. Gosnell is that he IS a Doctor, or more correctly a Physician.
    It is sad because long ago the state medical board should have taken that title away from him — but they seldom do this, the Medical Boards just ignore such scum, and hope ‘the problem will go away’.
    There are perhaps twenty more physicians in Pa. that are not fit to be toilet cleaners at best.

  11. Jody says:
    up arrow

    I found another story that documented complaints and reports against him that were routinely closed without investigation. One of which ended with him having to pay a wrongful death settlement. Pennsylvania routinely ignored red flags and complaints that could have saved lives and heartache for many.

  12. ellen brown says:
    up arrow

    just wondering why she hadn’t heard about Family Planning. This would have probably been a safer route for her. I thought every one had heard of Family Planning. I never had need of their services, yet I have heard of them.

  13. ms m says:
    up arrow

    I guess she shouldn’t have had an abortion. God works in mysterious ways. At least now that evil man can’t do it anymore.

  14. joe says:
    up arrow

    sad that any type of abortion is legal…this article seemed a little misleading…demerol is widely used in the medical profession. and abortions are, by no means, one of the simplest and safest medical procedures. scary to think that this artical was posted by a attorney

  15. disgusted says:
    up arrow

    I have read several articles on this case and many focus on the poor conditions of the clinic, when the story should be on the murdering individuals and practices of those within. A quote directly from the 261 page report “Williams called Cross over to look at the baby because it was breathing
    and moving its arms when Williams pulled on them. After playing with the baby,
    Williams slit its neck.” also rarely cited in the news was that the “Doctor” would cut off the feet of the Baby’s after he murdered them for “research”… Anyone who is against the death penalty is incredibly naive and lacking a clear grasp of the horrors that are committed in this world.

  16. up arrow

    @disgusted: I agree that Gosnell’s actions are the focus. And there is an even bigger question for us now – how do we prevent this from happening again? Change is needed.

    @joe: Certainly demerol is still widely used. Sorry if my post was read to indicate otherwise. But it is no longer commonly used for this procedure. As to safety, and I am not commenting on whether it is right to have an abortion, I am simply stating that the procedure can be safely conducted as to the life of the mother who is having an abortion. I think it is an unfortunately common procedure. That said, it can be performed safely. The conditions under which these were conducted were worse than unsafe, they were highly unethical and horrid, regardless of one’s position on pro-life v. pro-choice.

  17. Mark Bello says:
    up arrow

    Mike: We would also be wise to remind the public that in a tort reform state (I don’t know whether they have passed it in Pennsylvania or not), the arbitrary cap set by the legislature for pain and suffering would apply, even for conduct as aggregious as Dr. Gosnell’s. That is what the public does not understand. They hear “frivolous” and “junk” and think tort reform applies to those types of suits. But, in reality, tort reform applies to serious misconduct and serious injuries and caps the recoveries of seriously disabled victims. These artificially low caps make it easy and inexpensive for quack doctors to repeat their offending conduct. Tort reform makes all of us less safe and the taxpayers are left with the burden of support. Thanks for bringing this story to our attention. Regards, Mark

    PS: Does Pennsylvania have or are they considering tort reform? If so, you ought to bring this case to the attention of the legislature.