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Taser International to Introduce Consumer Stun Gun

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I just read today in the Arizona Republic that Scottsdale based Taser International plans on introducing a new consumer stun gun at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. With its perfect record thus far on product liability litigation lawsuits against it relating to its law enforcement stun gun product, I am not surprised to see this company branching out into the consumer arena.

Last year, I reported periodically on product liability implications at Taser International. In one posting, I referred to a study published in the Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers suggesting that the energy levels delivered in Taser’s non-lethal weapons were considerably higher than indicated by the manufacturer placing stun guns into the lethal category of weaponry and raising the question about whether its weapons were defective and unreasonably dangerous. The study as reported in an Arizona Republic article discussed the possible dangers of the Taser weapon and its product liability implications.

Taser has successfully weathered a firestorm of controversy over its products and the deaths which have resulted from the use of its non-lethal weapons by law enforcement personnel. If such controversy exists over well-trained law enforcement and military personnel using its products, I wonder what can we expect when consumers begin to use them?