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New Center for Identity Management and Information Protection to Study Identity Theft

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A good resource for identity theft research and prevention tools has just been organized. This think tank includes a public and private partnership between such organizations as the United States Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, IBM, and Lexis/Nexis Corporation. The identity theft research organization will study all problems associated with identity theft and associated fraud.

Hopefully in addition to studying these problems, this organization will recommend minimum standards and solutions to assist public and private sector organizations in protecting confidentital information such as social security numbers, names, addresses and dates of birth. This new organization has formed a web site to provide the public with various resources and tools to combat identity theft. The founders of this organization have also chosen a catchy name for their new project: the Center for Identity Management and Information Protection. Hopefully with a public and private partnership to research and resolve the major problems associated with identity theft, we can see some very real solutions soon.