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Corporation Information Technology Priorities

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I came across a web site dealing with new technology and corporate mobility issues. Citing the recent computer theft from the Veterans Administration, Thomas Wailgum, who authored an entry on this web site, addressed the fundamental problems associated with maintaining private data while in the midst of a corporate computing mobility revolution. This article highlights the problems associated with overlooking security in light of corporate technological mobility demand.

Mr. Wailgum suggests that corporate demands for immediate innovation conflict with the laudible corporate goals of securing data. He suggests:

A shaky, chaotic mobile device management “policy” along the lines of, “Give ‘em what they (meaning, users) want right now, and we (meaning, IT folks) will take care of provisioning questions, security fine-tuning and policy enforcement later (meaning, never).” And that’s not a good plan.

I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, perhaps a poor technology rollout strategy brought out by corporate pressure has led to misplaced data security priorities and data theft exposure problems we now see. I believe that corporations should be held accountable to identity theft victims whose personal data has been compromised as a result of misplaced corporate technology priorities. What do you think?