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Another Pennsylvania Gas Explosion Tragedy


Only a few weeks ago, a 19 year old Philadelphia Gas Works employee was tragically killed when working near a gas main explosion. Sadly, another gas explosion in Pennsylvania has caused the loss of lives. On Tuesday, February 9 at approximately 10:45 pm, a two-story row house exploded in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The occupants of the home, William and Beatrice Hall, as well as a 4-month old child, were killed in the explosion. There are also two people that are missing.

UGI Corp., a distributor and marketer of energy products, including propane, bhutane, natural gas and electricity, is reportedly the gas utility company in the Allentown area. According to an MSNBC news report, UGI said Thursday that one of its natural-gas pipelines likely exploded. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41503700/ns/us_news-life.

Sadly, many believe that these explosions are bound to keep happening. A quick internet search reveals a number of recent gas explosions causing the loss of lives and the destruction of property. A growing number of voices are saying that pipeline safety is severely lacking.

It is imperative for the Oil and Gas Industry as well as the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (the Federal Agency that oversees the oil and natural gas industry pipelines) to examine these recent explosions to prevent them from happening in the future. These incidents are preventable and must be stopped so that other lives and communities are not destroyed.


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    The government should investigate on the real source of explosion. Somebody should be held liable…Thanks for the information. Keep writing.

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    Mark – Thanks for your comment. I agree completely. There have been more and more explosions in recent years. The government needs to investigate these tragedies to make sure that they do not happen again.