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What’s in a name? Women’s Medical Society – Abortion Clinic in Philadelphia, PA

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Pity the poor women who were mistakenly led to believe that the Women’s Medical Society was a caring and safe place.

The West Philadelphia venue was anything but.

It was more like a house of horrors run by a Frankenstein-like doctor who lined his pockets with millions of dollars while taking advantage of poor and desperate women who thought that they had no other place to go to end pregnancies.

According to Grand Jury testimony, not only was this doctor greedy but he was also sloppy and dirty. His wretched office reeked of cat urine and his life-saving equipment, broken. His staff had no medical training and no medical licenses even though they delivered the sedatives willy-nilly without regard to dosage. Medical instruments were used without sterilization and women patients contacted venereal diseases from the lack of cleanliness.

Dr. Gosnell is being charged with seven criminal counts of murder – murder of babies born live and breathing. Babies, born from illegal late-term abortions, whimpering and crying until they cried no more as Dr. Gosnell snipped their spinal cords, bringing final pain and suffering, then death.

One woman, Mrs. K. Mondar had already suffered so much in her life. Before coming to the United States through a humanitarian program, she lived in a Nepalese refugee camp for 18 years. Mrs. Mondar, a wife and mother, recently arrived in the U.S. and the timing was just not right to have a baby.

The untrained staff gave her sedatives and then gave her more sedatives. She stopped breathing. Dr. Gosnell tried CPR but that didn’t work. His life-saving equipment didn’t work either. Finally he called an ambulance. It was too late; Mrs. Mondar died.

“As people are coming forward and telling their stories, we are learning of the many problems caused by Dr. Gosnell,” stated James R. Ronca, Pennsylvania personal attorney. “We hope that by bringing the actions of Gosnell to light through the civil legal process, we can help prevent these sorts of atrocities from occurring in the future.”

Dr. Gosnell tried to put the onus of blame back on the dead woman. Her family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Women’s Medical Society, its doctor, and staff. An ongoing investigation for facts continues on behalf of the Mondars.

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  1. Mark Bello says:
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    Mr. Smalley: Thanks for this imformative post. Would a tort reform advocate seek to limit Dr. Gosnell’s liability to an articifically low number? If there can happen when there is still accountability, imagine a country where there is almost none. Regards, Mark