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Patient Errors in Hospitals

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Today I saw another blogger’s post about increasing patient safety problems at our nation’s hospitals as well as unique perspectives about these problems. Take a look at this post and its cynical implications on the medical malpractice reform debate in our country. I must warn you, however, that this overall blog site presents a completely different perspective and approach to the practice of law than I would ever suggest. Whether the other blogger is serious or not, our firm has absolutely no interest in approaching the practice of law the way suggested on this other blog site. However, the issues raised in this particular posting present such an interesting perspective about the tort reform debate that I thought it appropriate to make a reference.

Have you ever had to visit a hospital? If so, do you believe that the quality of care in our hospitals has been improving or deteriorating over the last ten to twenty years? Do you have any stories about patient errors committed in our nation’s hospitals? Have you had any positive experiences in a particular Arizona hospital? If so, please share some of these stories. I am interesting in hearing about the good and the bad experiences you have had in Arizona hospitals.