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New Tool May Help Prevent Medical Misdiagnosis

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A new web and app-based tool may help decrease the number of medical misdiagnosis cases involving foreign infectious diseases developed while traveling abroad.

New Tool May Help Prevent Medical Misdiagnosis

New Tool May Help Prevent Medical Misdiagnosis

VisualDX, the world’s leading clinical decision support system recently announced the launch of Emerging Global Disease, a digital tool designed to help medical responders easily and accurately identify travel related illnesses.

Diseases prevalent in other parts of the world but unfamiliar to American medical professionals, such as Ebola, can be misdiagnosed if doctors are not immediately aware of which symptoms to recognize.  Doctors who use the Emerging Global Disease tool can input the names of countries that a patient recently visited in addition to the symptoms, and the app will provide possible diagnoses within a matter of seconds.

The database includes disease occurring in every country and includes more than 100,000 comprehensive medical images.

“It’s not at this point just about another misdiagnosis of a patient with Ebola, it’s about diagnostic accuracy,” said Art Papier, MD, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of VisualDx. “Ebola detection protocols are now in place for patients arriving from West Africa with a fever, but we believe that many clinicians are unaware of other infectious diseases that are emerging worldwide. Our technology provides a much needed solution for the medical community.”

The Emerging Global Disease tool kit is a free support system designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy and improve patient safety. Compared to general web search engines, the tool offers medically accurate data with reference images to assist doctors with making a precise diagnosis and can integrate with electronic healthcare record systems as a widget.