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Sales Of Jack3d And Other DMAA Products Halted by FDA


On April 30th, the FDA ordered that sales of body building supplements containing DMAA be halted due to potentially fatal side effects.

After much controversy, the FDA concluded that DMMA, or 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine, or geranium extract is in fact a synthetic substance, not a naturally occurring product of the geranium plants, as the manufacturers claimed.

Over 40 complaint have been made by DMAA users, including individuals who have taken the Popular Jack3d, alleging the drug has caused heart attacks, side effects to the nervous system, and psychological side effects.

Back in December, the sale of drugs containing DMAA were banned in military sales, but was still available to the general public.

The FDA warned that companies that fail to comply with the order to halt sales could face Strong FDA enforcement such as court junctions to stop distribution, or seizure of the products.

DMAA manufacturers have until May 9th to comply.


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  1. Jack lungin says:
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    Sad that they ban this and not cigarettes…

  2. matt says:
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    I have personally taken jack3d and have experienced none of the side effects that the media is trying to throw out there. Every supplement product has a warning label and instructions for usage. It is up to the consumer to proper judgement. The fda approves of drugs that have more side effects than meth or cocaine but they are trying to bully legitimate companies that sell decent products. I hope this passes over soon.

  3. filip says:
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    I have personally taken jack3d too, and like matt, i havent experienced any of the side effects. I allways respect the instructions for each supplement, and never go overdose. Matter of fact, i’ve never even taken the full dosage of jack3d (3 scoops), 2 and a half is the most I’ve taken at once, and it was 1 time only. My needs were satisfied with the general 2 scoops dosage. Ofc I’m not pro and I dont think that my experience allows me to judge the product, but I know lots of people that go overdose with so many supps. It’s not fair because of them to loose such a good supplement… I’ll repeat that I’m not much experienced, but I can tell for myself that jack3d didn’t caused me any trouble so far. I’ve only used 250 gr. (one box) so far, and I keep one more box for the following mounth.

  4. Jeff says:
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    I too take Jack3d. The bans always happen because a few people overuse or ignore the warnings. Take it the way its meant to be taken and its awesome. I love the fact that cigarettes are still on the market even though they kill people. Or how about alcohol, does no one drink too much that it causes damage? Maybe since millions of people drink too much and get drunk we should ban alcohol too. Sheesh. Give me a break.

  5. Todd McEvoy says:
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    I’ve taken Jack3d for 18 months. The stuff is potent and I feel stronger with it, but I have to say, when I don’t take it for a few days, I feel like a new man. I feel relaxed and more like myself. On days I do take it, I definitely feel more anxious and I don’t sleep nearly as well. I take the minimum serving and I train at 5am, but it seems to really stick to your ribs – so to speak.

    I’ve been training for 22 years and I’ve competed in 6 natural bodybuilding shows. I’ve taken a lot of supplements over the years and I know one thing to be true, if there was ever an industry that needs more regulation, it’s the supplement industry. Open Muscle and Fitness some time. 80% of that magazine is about marketing some form of training supplememnt. It’s big business, it’s a wild west and quite possibly worse than the black market for steroids.

    I don’t like government regulation anymore than the next guy, but this is once capacity they should own because it boils down to protecting people. Why train hard, eat clean, only to die of a heart attack because some greedy corporation didn’t disclose the dangers of their product.

    The differnece between supplements and things like alchohol and cigarettes is that those are highly regulated and highly exposed products in our society. People know the greatest dangers of alchohol and smoking. With supplements, not so much. Juicers are far more educated about what’s in this stuff, but to the average Joe, he has no idea what the mid to long term dangers of DMAA or Ephedra are. Even the experts aren’t sure.

    Personally, I’m done with Jack3d. Took my last dose this morning. And it sucks because leg day is tomorrow! lol.

    Best of luck and good health to you all. Lift heavy, lift often and live long!

  6. up arrow

    @Todd – Thanks for sharing your personal experience. Good luck and best of health to you too. The issue with all of these products is as you describe – is the warning adequate to inform the average individual. This product appears to be harmful and needs better warnings – if not being outright banned!

  7. Craig says:
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    So people are too dumb to educate themselves, then they go and get hurt so we need to protect them? Not this again.

    Next we’ll be making marijuana illegal because someone somewhere once smoked ten ounces and got hallucinations…. oh.. wait.

  8. Rafael says:
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    I have been taking Jack3D for months now and 1 . It works and 2. I have not had any of these side effects. It always sucks to see a good product banned because a few people can’t follow label instructions….

  9. SWTI says:
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    Yes, Craig, everyone is “too dumb” to become an expert in everything with a lab for safety testing, including double-blind true lifetime studies in both rats and mice.


  10. Craig says:
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    I’ve read enough about what Jack3d has in it and what DMAA is to be comfortable in taking it.

    Funnily enough I’m more comfortable defining how safe I’d like to be than letting the Government do that for me.

    If you do all your own research first-hand I’d really recommend reading some good science journals, it’ll save you tons of time.

  11. Shane says:
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    ” Back in December, the use of drugs containing DMAA were banned by members of the military” is an incorrect statement which leads readers to believe that this product was tested and is found harmful to military members. What happened in fact was the SALES of DMAA was banned/halted at Government Post Exhchanges as well as facilities on military bases. The Military did NOT ban the USE of the product from its members. There is a big difference in the way you worded it, and I feel you should be corrected.

  12. Jordan says:
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    The military does not normally ban any substances. They test drugs and deem them unsafe and then tell all service members to not use the drugs or products which they can be found in. The issue with Jack3d and similar products for the military is that the ingredient geranium root would make members test positive for meth when conducting random drug tests.

    The bigger issue should not be the fact the supplement is being banned. It should be that the manufactures lied about the indredients and saying the DMMA came from geranium root when it was really made in a lab. People should be smart enough to read labels of what they take and follow the directions. But the manufacturer should also be responsible for telling the true origins and possible effects of what they are selling.

  13. Jon says:
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    I am a recovering addict and current personal trainer. My girlfriend and I broke up may 1st, hadnt seen each other in 4 weeks until Wednesday. We went to dinner and throughout I could tell she was taking some sort of upper. Her legs had decreased in size noticeably, she was twitchy and clearly moody. Yesterday she confessed she had been taking Jack3d pre workouts with her friend and that she has been laying awake at nights. She stopped using it Thursday and ate 6 full meals yesterday, inexplicably hungry.

    I am to say this 27 year old healthy female showed clear symptoms of cocaine/adderall/meth use after taking this product as directed.

    Comparing it to cigarettes- this product can immediately cause heart attack and serious side effects. Cigarettes cause problems over a long period of time and allow the user to quit/alleviate symptoms. Prescription drugs arent available to purchase at the front desk of Urban Active by a young girl who has no clue what shes injesting. There arent media warnings about this product so if its to be available there needs to be more info available.

  14. Eric says:
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    Just bought a jar of Jack3d last week. Still for sale everywhere I know of.I have been using Jack3d for 3 months (one scoop per use) and haven’t had any side effects.

  15. Vikrant says:
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    Hello, i just got the jack 3 days back. Yes the energy is awesome. But i never felt any mood swings with jack. Infact i used to get mood swings with no explode. But is all good infact i am calmer while taking jack 3d

  16. zach says:
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    I took jack3d for about a year and started having terrible kidney pains. My doctor told me I needed to stop taking it because my kidneys were excreting whatever trace substances jack3d carries. After I stopped taking it, the pain stopped. Plain and simple.

  17. JBizzle says:
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    The FDA IS WHACK!! I slam Jack3d daily, usually 3 scoops a day. I feel like The Hulk, my skin tingles and gets really tight. I get so focused and can’t be stopped on the court. My heart is thumping hard but I know its just getting stronger. LEGALIZE JACK3D.

  18. zackiswhack says:
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    If u werent LYING, you’d have all kinds of detailed information to share with us… information regarding the lab results from the blood and urine samples “your doctor” wouldve gotten from you and had lab tests done on. You’d know all sorts of relevent information to be sharing with everyone about all these “harmful trace substances” you (falsley) proclaim Jack3d to contain. Trace substances, you mean other than the actives listed in the label?? Well that would be a HUGE deal, and totally illegal for a company to do, and given the amount of scrutiny the reputable (reputation for safe , legit, and secure product manufacturing) and profitable (they probably have way too much too lose to risk it all over unlabeled “trace substances”) US based company USP Labs has been under as of late, I find it very hard to believe there would be any unlabeled ingredients in their products at all, let alone “harmful” ones that damage the kidneys.