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Pesticide Exposure and Personal Injury

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Pesticides are designed to do one thing: kill living things. That much is clear. What amazes me is that the Environmental Protection Agency just recenlty established criteria for testing pesticide poison exposure on humans. So sorry if you are pregnant or a child, you will no longer be able to participate in intentional pesticide exposure studies according to an article in today’s Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper.

I guess that this means if you are pregnant or a child, you cannot receive free childrens clothes, a camcorder and $970 if you volunteer to expose yourself to dangerous poison. And I always thought the pictures of the skull and cross-bones was enough to encourage safe practices around poison. Throw in a camcorder and I’ll reconsider my position!

Bob Carroll, a colleague in Tampa has a recent posting about pesticides as a posible cause of birth defects in Florida.