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How Would You Like to Start Your Day with a Cup of Coffee and 50,000 Volts?

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If you are a member of the United States Military, you can have your cup of coffee but do not expect to be stunned by a 50,000 volt Taser non-lethal weapon as a part of any training exercise. A new study released recently by the Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers recently concluded that Taser stun guns are more powerful and potent weapons than originally envisioned. The study as reported in a recent Arizona Republic article commenting on the possible dangers of the Taser weapon and its product liability implications concluded:

“The findings show the energy delivered by the weapon to be considerably understated by the manufacturer,” the Journal study said. “These findings place the weapon well into the lethal category.”

The same Arizona Republic article quotes another research study conducted at the United States Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland and in a follow-up instruction memorandum which concludes,

Taser is an effective weapon but added in the February 2005 memo that “the practice of using these weapons on U.S. Army military and civilian forces in training is not recommended, given the potential risks.”

So if you are a member of the United States Army, in the course of your training, while you may have to dodge bullets and evade the enemy, rest assured that you will not have to receive a jolt of 50,000 volts of electric current in order to complete your training and defend our country. Taking away the sarcasm for a moment, to members of the United States military, please accept our most sincere thank you for your service to this country.