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Bausch & Lomb Eye Solution May Cause Blindness

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I heard today that Bausch & Lomb’s popular eye solution for consumers who wear contact lenses has been removed from the market because it may cause a fungal infection which could lead to blindness. Can you imagine wearing contact lenses and following your doctors advice only to later go blind because the eye solution you purchased caused a fungal eye infection? How would you feel if this happened?

The product liability article I read suggested that the company voluntarily removed the ReNu line of contact lens solution from the market. Hopefully, Bausch & Lomb removed this product from the market in time to prevent other consumers from suffering any harm. Have you ever used this product? If so, have you had any bad experiences? I sincerely hope that the company discovered such a defect in time to prevent anybody from suffering blindness as a result. However, if somebody who never had any major problems with fungal eye infections, suddenly suffers from a major fungal infection as a direct result of using ReNu, don’t you think that this person has a right to sue Bausch & Lomb or should this person be prevented from accessing our court system? Our country’s product liability laws are designed to provide compensation for injured people who consume a product, later find out that the product was defective, and who suffer injury as a result of the defect. What are your thoughts on a consumer’s right to sue Bausch & Lomb under these circumsances?