Phoenix, Arizona


Michael Schafle

Proposed Truck Bill Draws Protests from All Sides

Families of truck accident victims, law enforcement officials, and public safety groups joined together on May 13 urging Congress to put the interests of the public before powerful trucking lobbies. At issue is a bill that extends trucker’s working hours […]

Adrianne Webb

FBI Now Investigating Power Morcellators and Link to Spreading Cancer

The Wall Street Journal published an article today that the FBI is investigating laparoscopic power morcellators and their link to spreading cancer.  Specifically, according to the article, the FBI is investigating what Johnson & Johnson knew about the complications and […]

James Ronca

Could Seat Belts Save Lives in a Train Derailment?

After the May 12, 2015 Amtrak derailment, many are wondering why trains are not equipped with seatbelts. Passengers of Amtrak train No. 188 were violently thrown about inside the cars. At least 200 passengers were taken to local hospitals and […]

Stephen Pokiniewski

Doctor Facing Possible Jail Time for Medical Malpractice

A South American doctor may face jail time as punishment for a medical malpractice after a complaint was filed against the cosmetic surgeon and his clinic involving the wrongful death of a young beauty queen. Crowned the “Queen of Duran” […]

Jeffrey Downs


A large crowd of attendees waited in anticipation for the band Sugarland to take the stage Saturday night when a 60-plus mph wind gust toppled the stage onto the crowd ultimately causing the death…

Jeffrey Downs

Amusement Ride Safety: Roller Coaster Death Tragedy – Is Federal Oversight A Necessary Evil?

Tragedy struck the Darien Lake Theme Park and Resort near Buffalo New York just last month when a 29 year old man fell to his death in a horrific fall from a 200-plus foot roller coaster. News…

Michael Monheit

Unethical Abortion Doctor Sued for PA Wrongful Death and Charged with Murders

This is the story of a 41-year-old wife and mother who spent her life in a third-world country only to come to America under a humanitarian resettlement program. Karnamaya Mongar, then died in…

Michael Monheit

Civil Lawsuits are the Only Option for Victims of Dr. Kermit Gosnell

A society needs to protect its weakest individuals. That especially includes the unborn. And when the government fails to protect us from harm, we must protect ourselves. This is one of the lessons…

Jenny Albano

Mother is Charged With Homicide After Son Dies in Car

A mother of a 17 year-old month boy went in to work at Hooters Tuesday morning and when she returned to her car when her shift was over she realized she had forgotten her son was still in the vehicle. Unfortunately the toddler died because of the temperatures in the car.Ashly Duchene was booked with a felony count of negligent homicide. She normally dropped her son off at daycare before work,…

Andrew Defusco

Families Sue Bar in Wrong-Way Crash Case

In early February, the families of three teenagers sued a bar in a Texas court, claiming that the bar should be held responsible for causing the motor vehicle accident and the teens’ deaths. The accident was caused by a drunk driver who drove the wrong way and crashed into the teens’ vehicle. In Arizona, bars can be held responsible for causing injuries and deaths when they overserve alcohol…