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Jeffrey Downs

Five Basic Considerations your Builder/Employer Should be Enforcing on the Residential Job-site

The leading cause of injury and death in the residential construction industry occurs when workers fall from elevation on the work site. The lack of proper fall protection is cited as the leading…

Jeffrey Downs

OSHA Rescinds Interim Fall Protection Standard for Residential Construction

Is this too little too late?
Effective June 16, 2011, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) makes fall protection requirements in residential construction more…

Amber Racine

Gas Explosion Kills One, Injures Five in Philadelphia, PA

A Philadelphia gas main exploded at 8:30 p.m. on January 18.
Reports reveal that one of the PGW workers was killed and five others were injured as a result of the gas explosion. In addition to the…

Staff Writer

Should Arizona Reconsider Statutory Immunity for Negligent Freeway Maintenance?

A couple of days have passed since the tragic bridge collapse in Minneapolis which led to the deaths of at least five people. The cause of the bridge collapse on I-35W will not be known for quite some time. However, if the I-35W bridge collapsed due to ordinary wear and tear, such a tragedy may have been avoided had the Minnesota Department of Transportation placed a higher priority on bridge…

Staff Writer

Lawyer Advertising

Do you select your attorney on the basis of which animal mascot the lawfirm included in its advertising slogan? Are you comfortable hiring lawyers who choose a flying animal or a four legged creature as a mascot? Do you make a decision to hire a lawyer on the basis of advertising? Fees? Experience? What criteria do you use to evaluate who to hire for your legal needs? What resources do you…

Andrew Defusco

Dangerous Conditions on Construction Sites

This is one record, like Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak and Wilt Chamberlain’s single game scoring record, that we could all hope would never be broken.Unfortunately we were wrong.Last year, 13 workers died and one was critically injured in construction accidents in Southern Arizona, according to a recent article in the Arizona Daily Star. This broke the old record for 13 deaths/catastrophic…

Staff Writer

Arizona Punitive Damages Legislation

Each year various members of the Arizona legislature introduce bills concerning all aspects of “tort reform.” This year is no different. I recently learned that Arizona State Representative Jennifer Burns introduced a bill to prevent Plaintiffs from recovering punitive damges but not to outlaw puntive damages awards in their entirety. Rather than outlawing punitive damages, Representative…

Staff Writer

Building Partially Collapses in New York

Two construction workers were injured when the building they were working in partially collapsed, with the first floor falling into the basement. The construction accident occurred just before noon this morning.The full AP release:NEW YORK (AP) – The first floor of a building under construction collapsed into the basement late Monday morning, sending two construction workers to the hospital,…