Phoenix, Arizona


Michael Schafle

Proposed Truck Bill Draws Protests from All Sides

Families of truck accident victims, law enforcement officials, and public safety groups joined together on May 13 urging Congress to put the interests of the public before powerful trucking lobbies. At issue is a bill that extends trucker’s working hours […]

Michael Monheit

Cars & Trucks: Driver Safety Tips and Coexisting on the Road

Every time a large truck is involved in an accident with a car or van, people assume it was the truck’s fault. Sometimes, that’s the case. Sometimes, a major accident could have been…

Michael Monheit

PA Turnpike Accident – Northeast Extension

The southbound lanes of the Pa. Turnpike have been closed down today (November 5, 2010) due to an accident involving a can and a tractor with a ShopRite trailor. Photos show the van badly damaged…