Phoenix, Arizona


Christopher Marzzacco

Two Die In Arizona Bike Week Motorcycle Accident

Two people died as a result of motorcycle accident injuries sustained during a Mesa charity event on Saturday March 28. The motorcycle driver, 52-year-old Al Barela and the passenger, his 37 year-old wife Samantha Barela were taking part in an […]

Miriam Barish

Spinal Cord Injury Warning Signs

Auto accident victims are encouraged to seek immediate medical attention to treat resulting injuries. Spinal cord injuries are not always obvious and can result in more serious injury if not recognized and treated right away. Signs of spinal cord injury […]

Stephen Pokiniewski

Medical Misdiagnosis and Spinal Cord Injuries

A Medical misdiagnosis can change a person’s life.  A wrong, missed or delayed diagnosis can result in death or injury from a condition that might have otherwise been treatable. The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry published a paper in […]

Michael Monheit

Is Your Helmet Safe?

Every year, hundreds of high school, college and professional football players suffer concussions, brain damage and even spinal cord injury because of defectively designed helmets. Parents, players…

Staff Writer

Preventing Spinal Cord Injuries

According to the Arizona Governor’s Council on Spinal and Head Injuries, in the United States, about 10,000 people each year suffer from a spinal cord injury. The Governor’s office defines a spinal cord injury as, a severance or injury to the spinal cord, which may result in partial or total paralysis of the arms, legs or both and may also impair vital functions.The Governor’s Council suggests…