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Michael Monheit

Allentown PA Neighborhood Rocked by Gas Line Explosion

A neighborhood in Allentown PA has been devastated by a gas line explosion. The explosion is already known to have killed one person and five more are missing. Eight homes have been destroyed, 30…

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Liability for Failure to Prevent Risks of Criminal Activity

I read today that a female Circle K clerk in Tucson filed a lawsuit against her employer alleging that the company provided negligent security which allowed a customer to abduct and sexually assault her. According to the newspaper article in the Arizona Daily Star, Circle K should have known of “criminal dangers” at that store. . . . [T]he company should have staffed at least two employees…

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Legislature to Consider Alcohol Interlock Devices for DUI Offenders

The Arizona House of Representatives has preliminarily passed a tough DUI bill requiring offenders to place ignition interlock devices on their vehicles which would prevent them from drinking and driving. The legislation apparently has enough support to pass the legislature and will likely go to the Governor’s office for signature. The legislation designed to prevent alcohol-related motor…

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Civil Justice Remedies for Crime Victims

We have heard plenty of stories about crime in Arizona. Unfortunately and sadly, crime occurs everyday on our streets, in our offices and in our homes. If you have victimized by criminal conduct, what happens next? Who will provide support and explain what you can expect from our criminal justice system? What resources are available? What remedies are available in the criminal and civil…

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Arizona One of the Deadliest for Victims of Drinking and Driving

Arizona is near the top of the nation for a topic which, like golf, would have us all feel better if the score were substantially lower. According to the East Valley Tribune, alcohol played a factor in almost half of all fatal automobile crashes last year. A report prepared by an organization known asEnd Needless Death on Our Roadways, shows Arizona is 15th in alcohol-related fatal crashes,…

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Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to a Fallen Police Officer

Yesterday our state remembered Gilbert Police Officer Rob Targosz who died while on duty this past Saturday working on a DUI enforcement detail. A suspected impaired driver ran a red light and collided with Officer Targosz’s motorcycle. The driver and passenger then fled on foot without attempting to help the injured officer. In our line of work, we see lots of tragedy. We can only hope that…

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Look Where You Walk

In late February, the United States Supreme Court held that a woman who tripped over her mail left on her porch rather than her mailbox can sue the United States Postal Service for personal injuries arising out of her fall. Today, I read an article in the Arizona Daily Star describing this lawsuit and immediately thought about the McDonalds case involving hot coffee spilled in the lap of an…

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Washington Swing Accident Claims 15 Y.O.

A colleague in Seattle, Mike Myers, posts news of an unfortunate accident in which a 15 year old boy fell to his death from a rope swing at at a party where there was underage drinking.Mike notes:The landowner who allowed the 60 foot rope swing on his or her property may also be liable if the swing constituted a known, dangerous condition. It is important for land/homeonwners to be aware of…