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Shayna Slater

Should Nursing Homes Do More to Prevent Burnout?

A Nursing Home facility can be an extremely stressful place to work. Often, employees are working long hours and are responsible for numerous patients that have various levels of need. There is…

Shayna Slater

Stimulating the Senses of Dementia Patients

Choosing a nursing home for a love one with diagnosed dementia adds additional stress to an already stressful situation. Not only are you likely worried that your loved one will receive proper…

Shayna Slater

Nursing Homes May Be Falsifying Patient Records

When a loved one is admitted to a nursing home, the nursing home is responsible and required to document the care they receive. This includes everything from feeding, toileting, repositioning,…

Shayna Slater

Is Corporate Negligence at Fault in Nursing Home Abuse Cases?

A nursing home resident may be dependent on the nursing home for everything including their administration of medication, medical treatment, social interaction, toileting and nutrition….

Michael Monheit

Increased Sepsis Infections in Nursing Homes

Sepsis is a life-threatening illness. It is usually caused by the body’s response to bacterial infection. The immune system goes into overdrive, which overwhelms normal processes in the…