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Christopher Marzzacco

Texas Police Warn About Multiple Motorcycle Accidents

The Austin police department issued a call for safety after the fourth motorcycle accident death in one week, KVUE reported. A total of five motorcycle accident-related deaths have been reported in Austin since January 1, 2015. Four of them occurred […]

Christopher Marzzacco

Two Die In Arizona Bike Week Motorcycle Accident

Two people died as a result of motorcycle accident injuries sustained during a Mesa charity event on Saturday March 28. The motorcycle driver, 52-year-old Al Barela and the passenger, his 37 year-old wife Samantha Barela were taking part in an […]

Larry Coben

Motorcycle Design Issues

With a huge increase in motorcycle use to compensate for rising gas prices, the number of motorcycle accidents has sky rocketed. Most serious accidents are associated with poor conspicuity despite…

Staff Writer

Maricopa County Loses a Fine Judge

Today we mourn the loss of a Judge with the Juvenile Division of the Maricopa County Superior Court. Judge John Gaylord was appointed to the Maricopa County Superior Court in 2000 and for the past three years was assigned to the Juvenile Court facility in Mesa. I never had an opportunity to appear in front of Judge Gaylord in the Juvenile Court. However, I know that Judge Gaylord had an…

Staff Writer

Recent Tribune Article Discusses Motorcycle Safety

The East Valley Tribune recently published an article highlighting a twenty-two percent increase in fatal motorcycle accidents in the past year in Arizona. According to the Tribune,Overall, the number of fatal Arizona motorcycle collisions doubled from 2001 to 2005, and transportation officials say they are particularly concerned about a surge in driver deaths in the 45-to-54-year-old age…

Staff Writer

Arizona Reports Sharp Rise in Motorcycle Crash Fatalities

An article in the Arizona Republic, citing statistics provided by the the Arizona Automobile Association and Department of Motor Vehicles, provides a sobering look at motorcycle safety in Arizona. According to the Arizona Republic article, Motorcycle-crash fatalities have risen sharply in Arizona, with 146 riders and passengers killed during 2005. That compares with 118 deaths in 2004 and 75…

Staff Writer

Motorcycle Accidents Run Rampant

Could one of the costs of gas price hikes be more motorcycle accidents? According to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, many fed-up auto owners are taking to riding motorcycles to save on fuel. We may see more and more motorcycles on the road, as well as more motorcycle accidents. Arizona is a beautiful state to enjoy the open road from a motorcycle, but riding a motorcycle can also be…