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Michael Schafle

Proposed Truck Bill Draws Protests from All Sides

Families of truck accident victims, law enforcement officials, and public safety groups joined together on May 13 urging Congress to put the interests of the public before powerful trucking lobbies. At issue is a bill that extends trucker’s working hours […]

James Ronca

Could Seat Belts Save Lives in a Train Derailment?

After the May 12, 2015 Amtrak derailment, many are wondering why trains are not equipped with seatbelts. Passengers of Amtrak train No. 188 were violently thrown about inside the cars. At least 200 passengers were taken to local hospitals and […]

Michael Schafle

Police File Charges against Driver in Fatal Delaware Bus Crash

Delaware State Police have filed charges against the operator of the NYC tour bus that crashed in Delaware on September 21st. The 56-year-old Jinli Zhao is charged with two counts of the operation of a vehicle causing death of another […]

Michael Schafle

Two Dead and 48 Injured During Bus Crash Yesterday In Delaware

Another NYC bus was involved in an accident yesterday in New Castle, Delaware. The bus owned by AM USA Express in New York City overturned on Delaware State Route 1 south while attempting to exit onto U.S. 13 north. The […]

James Ronca

A Troubling Trend in the Super Cheap Bus Entry

A rash of recent fatal accidents have brought into focus a troubling and dangerous trend in the motor bus industry. Many people are astonished that you can travel from Philadelphia to New York…

Jeffrey Downs

Representing the Injured Tourist

The Five Basic Considerations When Representing a U.S. Citizen Injured in the International Travel Marketplace

Each year millions of U.S. residents travel overseas as well as to…

Bernard Smalley

Philadelphia Bus Accident

Philadelphia Bus Accident involving Septa bus and car occured in SW Phila at 62nd and Dickens Ave.
Safety for our traveling public must be our paramount concern. In today’s accident there were a…

Michael Monheit

Philadelphia Lawyers File Second Megabus Lawsuit

A local Philadelphia resident a 79 year-old woman who retired after years of service with the US Embassy, has suffered serious injuries after the Megabus accident that occurred last month. She was…

Michael Monheit

School Bus Accident in Overbrook Park Section of Philadelphia

Another school bus crash

Today, our City awakens to the news of another school bus crash. A school bus flipped over on its side and there are reports of injuries.

School buses carry the most…