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Jackie Fedeli

Was Junior Seau’s Death Linked to Concussion-Like Head Injuries?

Eight months after his death, scientific researches confirmed that former National Football League (NFL) linebacker, Junior Seau suffered from a degenerative brain disease known as chronic…

Jackie Fedeli

Will Seau’s Death Impact Concussion Lawsuits?

The NY Times announced on May 4th that the family of Junior Seau, the prominent football player that committed suicide last week, has asked that his brain be donated to the study of football…

Michael Monheit

Football Players v. NFL – League Mis-handled Concussion-Related Injuries

In August, seven former NFL football players filed a lawsuit against the NFL related to the league’s handling of concussion-related injuries. Anapol Schwartz attorney Larry Coben, who has been…

Nathaniel Ehrlich

In the words of Allen Iverson "We're talking about practice"

“We are only having try-outs, we don’t need an Athletic Trainer to be here”. Dan Cochran would most likely strongly disagree with that statement. On June 15, 2011, during a try-out…

Jackie Fedeli

Seat Back Failure Studies – Video from NBC Philadelphia

During the drive to Thanksgiving Dinner last week, one of the topics that came up was the safest seat in the car in the event of an accident. My future inlaws and I formed the consensus that the…

Larry Coben

Football: Why So Many Head and Neck Injuries?

(Click Here to See AP Photo/Miles Kennedy from Delco Times)

This play was so very typical of what we see every weekend across the country. Young men “mixing it up” for the love…

Jackie Fedeli

Does our Safety Equipment Really Keep us Safe?

Larry E. Coben, who recently joined the Products Liability Department of Anapol Schwartz as a shareholder, has more than 35 years experience representing individuals who have been catastrophically…

Staff Writer

Head Injuries Often Cause Death in Motorcycle Accidents

According to the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, head injury is a leading cause of death in motorcycle crashes. That’s why two of the most important parts of a safe motorcycle ride are proper helmets and riding gear.If you are wearing a helmet while in a motorcycle accident, you will have a 29% better chance of surviving than if you were not wearing a helmet. This is according to…