Phoenix, Arizona


Michael Schafle

Proposed Truck Bill Draws Protests from All Sides

Families of truck accident victims, law enforcement officials, and public safety groups joined together on May 13 urging Congress to put the interests of the public before powerful trucking lobbies. At issue is a bill that extends trucker’s working hours […]

Christopher Marzzacco

Texas Police Warn About Multiple Motorcycle Accidents

The Austin police department issued a call for safety after the fourth motorcycle accident death in one week, KVUE reported. A total of five motorcycle accident-related deaths have been reported in Austin since January 1, 2015. Four of them occurred […]

Christopher Marzzacco

Two Die In Arizona Bike Week Motorcycle Accident

Two people died as a result of motorcycle accident injuries sustained during a Mesa charity event on Saturday March 28. The motorcycle driver, 52-year-old Al Barela and the passenger, his 37 year-old wife Samantha Barela were taking part in an […]

Miriam Barish

Spinal Cord Injury Warning Signs

Auto accident victims are encouraged to seek immediate medical attention to treat resulting injuries. Spinal cord injuries are not always obvious and can result in more serious injury if not recognized and treated right away. Signs of spinal cord injury […]

Michael Schafle

Police File Charges against Driver in Fatal Delaware Bus Crash

Delaware State Police have filed charges against the operator of the NYC tour bus that crashed in Delaware on September 21st. The 56-year-old Jinli Zhao is charged with two counts of the operation of a vehicle causing death of another […]

Michael Schafle

Two Dead and 48 Injured During Bus Crash Yesterday In Delaware

Another NYC bus was involved in an accident yesterday in New Castle, Delaware. The bus owned by AM USA Express in New York City overturned on Delaware State Route 1 south while attempting to exit onto U.S. 13 north. The […]

Joel Feldman

Distracted Driving-Parents -Always Be The Driver That You Want Your Teen To Be

In giving distracted driving presentations to high school teens across the country I hear at every presentation that the teens’ parents often drive distracted . The teens say that mom and…

Michael Monheit

Distracted driving-How close are you to becoming a criminal?

The riskiest activity most of us engage in is driving our cars. There is a chance we could be seriously injured or killed in a car accident. But there is another risk, the risk that we,…

Jackie Fedeli

Arizona distracted driving laws see red

Should cell phone use in cars be banned?

A highway safety group rated Arizona’s traffic laws the second worst in the country, behind South Dakota. The lack of distracted driving laws…

Jackie Fedeli

Cell Phone Bans: Ineffective Unless Enforced

Last Week, the Governors Highway Safety Association reported that there is a lack of evidence to show that cell phone bans are effective.
ABC News covered a number of the major points of the…