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Seminars on Injury Litigation in Hawaii

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This year I will have the difficult task of having to attend a litigation-related conference in Honolulu, Hawaii of all places. We booked our tickets and I will soon participate in convention seminars at the Winter Convention of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. I hope the convention seminars will improve our firm’s ability to represent our clients with care and passion. One of the upcoming topics at this convention which caught my eye is entitled “The Courthouse is Key to Fairness in the Workplace and to Safer Drugs, Nursing Homes, and Medical Care.” Do you agree?

I have ranted and raved about access to the courthouse and limited government interference regularly on this web site. My question to you is whether you agree or disagree that the courthouse is the last forum to ensure access to safe products and quality medications. Before the convention, if I see other seminar topics of interest, I will share my thoughts. Also, at the convention, as I participate in various seminars and learn about new or interesting ideas or have other rants, raves or rambling thoughts, you can expect to hear from me. Until then, let me know whether you believe a connection exists between access to courts and safer products and services. I look forward to hearing from you.