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Multi-tasking while Driving -What’s Your Emergency?

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Wisconsin has banned texting while driving but exempted emergency responders from that law. One could debate the wisdom of exempting emergency responders from that law but what is important is that the responders receive specific training about the dangers of multi-tasking, including whether it is safe to use technology at any given time or whether it is prudent to pull over first. Drivers of Fire department rescue vehicles normally have a partner who can safely use technology while the vehicle is moving. For police it is different as they normally ride alone. Specific training is provided about the dangers of multi-tasking while driving and to limit potentially dangerous activities to real emergencies.

So fire personnel, responding to emergency calls have the passenger, when possible, use all technology so that the driver is not distracted. Police receive specific training about the dangers of multi-tasking while driving.

What’s your emergency? What training did you receive about multi-tasking while driving? Please share your comments below about distracted driving and multi-tasking.