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Four Dead in Pickup Truck Accident Carrying Illegal Immigrants

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A pickup truck crashed Sunday morning, April 27, killing four of its passengers.  The vehicle was carrying as many as 60 people when it rolled over in a remote part of Arizona. 

Investigators believe that the people in the pickup truck were illegal immigrants.  The truck was driving from 50 to 60 people and 20 to 30 people fled the scene of the accident into the desert.  So far none of the passengers who fled have been found. 

So far there have not been any arrests made, but police officers are looking for the driver of the vehicle who fled the scene as well.

Helicopters flew 18 injured passengers to area hospitals in Phoenix and Tucson and nine were ground transported to Phoenix and Tucson hospitals, White said.  The four who died were all males. The investigation is on going, but it is believed that speed was the ultimate factor in the rollover and alcohol could have been a factor.

The accident occurred at around 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning near Arizona city, which is 60 miles south of Phoenix.